Welcome to Govt. College of Engineering, Kannur

Silver Jubilee Celebrations

The Govt. College of Engineering Kannur was established in 1986 as a centre for imparting quality engineering education in northern Kerala. And 25 years later, the institute now stands tall and proud as one of the best engineering colleges of the country, envisaging the excellence in engineering. An institution having impeccable record of academic excellence, Government College of Engineering, has become the epitome of technical education in Malabar creating talented, enthusiastic and resplendent professionals in engineering.In the year 2011 GCEK is celebrating its 25th anniversary. An year long set of programmes are organized during the academic year 2010-2011 as a part of Silver Jubilee. Xplore 2010 - Technical and Cultural Festival of GCEK held on 18.02.10 - 20.02.10. ,marked the starting of the One year long Silver Jubilee celebrations of the College. GCEK being a young institution, the process of establishing a strong alumni across the globe is slowly establishing. Year 2011 being the silver jubilee year of GCEK the alumni association has a pivotal role to create the visibilty for GCEK within the campus and outside the campus.